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welcome to LOST IN TIME!
— A unique roleplay site, for unique individuals —
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A whole new world where you can role play and interact with people from all over the world who love to role play just as much as you do. Story lines are created by you and acted out like its a real life you're living. Just create a character by signing up for a account and creating any profile your heart desires. Whether it is a vampire or a werewolf, an angel or a demon - anything that you can possibly imagine. Interact with our members start living that fantasy life.

If you have any questions or queries , they can be directed to our creators or any admins on the site and they would be happy to help you.Hope you enjoy your stay here on LIT with us!

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Featured Members Of The Week!


Magical Mentor (Zara and Baal)

Zara has been traveling to different countries in Europe for a few months  now. She's had luck finding someone who was experienced in magic. Everywhere has been a dead end to her. Maybe she was looking in the wrong places? or not doing her research thorough enough.  Her next stop was England. She wasn't sure why but there was something about this place…Continue

Started by ✮ Zara in The Past 6 hours ago.

Bad Intentions (Jack and Blair-Lindsay-) 1 Reply

Blair was born to a succubus mother and a human father but unknown to her what her family was because the moment she was born she was tossed away being found in in an alley by a dog and its owner she was taken in by this woman. She raised Blair as if she was her own, but when Blair turned sixteen and began showing her succubus side. She began to feed off…Continue

Started by ✮ Darling in The Present. Last reply by jack kline 8 hours ago.

fight club (jadis and jack) 2 Replies

a loud rumble came from the vicinity of his lower half. centering on his stomach. jack had recently learned that this was something called "hunger." and it was a thing all humans experienced. looking down at the offending area, rubbing at his abdomen as the  odd, empty, burning feeling came over him. an ache. a want and need for something of which he could…Continue

Started by jack kline in The Past. Last reply by jack kline 11 hours ago.

Timeless (Dante-Tristan- and Lindsay -Isolde-) 2 Replies

The rolling beauty of the Irish hills that would make any mere mortal jealous upon the site, had been the land that Isolde had called home since her birth. She was a proud Irish girl and until she turned twelve she use to run around the rolling hills with her brother. Once the age of twelve her mother wished her to be more of the lady she should be in order to get married…Continue

Started by ✮ Darling in The Past. Last reply by ✮ Darling yesterday.



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Updated: 1/7/2018

Movie Night On LIT
Members can check out the events section here for details about our Movie Night scheduled for Saturday , January 20th at 6pm EST. Persons having any questions of this event can feel free to contact Tiana or Lindsay. 
We are open to hearing suggestions from ALL members about what you all would like to see or have on the site. You can submit this information in the site's suggestion box here or you can submit that information to any member of staff. 

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